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Carolina Fresh Water is a proud supporter of the Wine to Water Campaign.

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Introducing the Carolina Fresh Water Series
Whole House and Speciality Water Treatment

Designed to offer your family peace of mind with consistent high-quality water.

Patented Smart Technology

Built-in Vacation Mode & Battery Backup.
Monitored water usage.

Patented Integrated Chlorine Generator

Low/No Salt Alerts.
Recorded self-sanitizing.

Exclusive Crystal-Right Media

Silica-based crystal media.
Quality controlled media.

Quartz Underbedding

Delivers high and consistent flow rates.

High-Performance Resin

Powerful media eliminates the minerals that cause hard water.

Low-Maintenance Brine Tank

Built-in Safety float and Dry salt storage
requires less cleaning.

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    Water Softening
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    Whole House Water Refining
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    Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
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    Free Water Test

Free Water Testing for Common Contaminants

If you’re on city or well water or in one of our local areas, the in-home water test is FREE. Do you know the hardness, iron, chlorine content of your water? Call us for a FREE test and learn the best options for treatment!

Water Refining

Total Home Filtration Covers a Wide Variety of Water Problems

Water may have a variety of problems which can be fixed with the Water-Right Evolve Series® water refiner. From simple drinking water filters to more specialized filtration for contaminants like arsenic and lead, Carolina Fresh Water can help you understand what’s in your water and the best solution to fix it in an affordable & effective way. Learn more today!

Water Softening Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Remedies a Wide Variety of Water Problems

Get delicious, healthy drinking water right from your kitchen faucet with our reverse osmosis systems. After the water entering your home is initially treated by our whole house refiner, it is then polished even further. Several stages of advanced treatment delivers fresh, purified water on demand, which is conveniently dispensed from a special faucet installed at your kitchen sink.

The technology at work is impressive, removing nearly all of the remaining contaminants in your water. You are left with nothing but pure, clean, fresh tasting water to enjoy. Learn more today!

Water Refining Free Water Test

Free Water Testing for Common Contaminants

If you’re on city or well water in one of our local areas, the in-home water test is FREE. With a free test, you’ll know the amount of hardness, iron, & chlorine in your water, the pH of your water, and the best options for treatment. Learn more today!

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"The presence of contaminants in water can lead to health issues..."

Your Health & Your Water

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention):

Drinking water supplies in the United States are among the safest in the world. However, even in the U.S., drinking water sources can become contaminated, causing sickness and disease from waterborne germs, such as Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Hepatitis A, Giardia intestinalis, and other pathogens.

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"Hard water makes your appliances run inefficient, remove less dirt, and deteriorate faster..."

Your Wealth & Your Water

Battelle Memorial Institute is the world's largest nonprofit research and development organization, with over 22,000 employees at more than 60 locations globally. A 501(c)(3) charitable trust, Battelle was founded on industrialist Gordon Battelle's vision that business and scientific interests can go hand-in-hand as forces for positive change.

Under controlled laboratory conditions, they studied the effects of the efficiency and performance of water using appliances, faucets and fixtures.

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