What Clients Say?

What an amazing change in our life ****** from Carolina Fresh Water has provided to us. ****** a relaxed and fun guy from Germany was our water tester.
He is extremely polite, very well educated and showed us the results we had in our water.
What we did not tell him nor his company is that we had another company come out about 2 weeks prior to test our water.
Their sales rep was very nice, yet totally pushy and tried to scare us into purchasing a total home system.
****** from Carolina Fresh Water on the other hand, had never tried to sell us nor did he scare us.
He simply tested our water and educated us about solutions for our particular situation.
We are absolutely delighted that we choose Carolina Fresh Water and their solutions.
After about 2 weeks I saw how the eczema on both of our children started to disappear.
We give Carolina Fresh Water a 5 STAR rating and highly recommend them to anyone.

BBB Verified Reviewer

We have had a great experience with Carolina Fresh Water! We live outside the city limits of Kernersville and knew our water was not fabulous,
being at the end of the Winston-Salem water line. Our sales rep was super knowledgable and just a nice guy to deal with. He spent a lot of time
educating us on all the different tests he performed. By the end of the demonstration, we felt as though we were able to make our own decision
to move forward with the water system product without any annoying push from the rep. That is a huge deal for us. Some of our
biggest deciding factors were: 1. The warranty and maintenance service 2. Ability to take the system with you if you move
3. My husband donated a kidney a few years ago, and we felt this was a great step in preventing kidney stones 4. All of the health benefits associated
with clean water; everything from your laundry, hair and skin, cleaning to consuming clean water. Over all, just a great health investment.

BBB Verified Reviewer

Our salesman, Frank was very pleasant, great personality and appeared to be very honest and straight forward.
We have found everything thus far to be like he said. He even called us after it was installed to see if we were satisfied and if we needed anything.
As for the product we can tell a considerable difference in our water, dry itching skin has much improved. We are saving money on bottled water as well.
Thank You!!


I was really impressed by the genuine care expressed by each of the five people who dealt with me to get my system installed. I appreciate that they are just a text away if I have questions about the system or any of the other packages that they included with my purchase.

DainaBBB Verified Reviewer

So I was asked to participate in a Free Water Test! Well, not only am I so glad we said yes Because Our water is Horrible and **** was able to help us fix that! But from start to finish Everyone has been amazing. From **** coming to test our water, to installation the very next day of A system to clean our water, to ***** coming the next day to follow up with Customer care. They seem like family! This is an amazing Company!

JenniferBBB Verified Reviewer

I would leave 6 stars if I could XXXXX XXXXXX is amazing. I was really shocked to find out the state of the water I've been drinking for 29 years. I'm telling everyone I know. And the results I've seen thus far have been phenomenal. No more sand in my dishwasher, no more rust in my toilet! Give them a shot. This system is WELL worth the money

November 9, 2017
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