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Oxford, NC City Water System Install

In Oxford, NC a family recently called us in reference to getting their water tested. They were suspicious of their water supply having high levels of hardness. Upon analysis by one of our water technicians, the results were that they had alarming levels of dissolved solids and hardness. Luckily, our team offers the perfect solution for solving these issues.

In the before photo, notice how our technicians and installers are sure to identify the main water supply lines and how in the after picture our team connected the city water system directly into this water line so that the family will be protected by their brand new whole home filtration system. They now enjoy safe and affordable water every time they turn on the faucet.

Have a similar issue with your water supply? Call us today to set up a complimentary water test and filtration system demonstration.


Timberlake, NC Well Water System

Barbara S. of Concord recently called us about having her old system checked. Our technicians tested her filtered water supply and the results concluded that her system wasn't working properly due to alarming levels of hardness.

All of our water systems are designed to self-perform regular maintenance to ensure the quality of the water source as well as the longevity of the system. Outdated or under-maintenanced systems often fail to perform to industry standards and need to be replaced to ensure the safety of the water source for both the home and homeowner.

This before-after gallery displays the quality handiwork of our installers as well as the craftsmanship of our state of the art whole home water filtration solutions.

Have a system that may be old or under-performing? Give us a call and we'll have one of our technicians come out to ensure your system is safe and performing up to par.

Creedmoor, NC City Water System

Recently, in Creedmoor, NC our office got a call about a family with city water that was suspicious of the quality of their water supply. One of our professional water technicians performed an in-home analysis of their water supply and it tested positive for high levels of hardness and dissolved solids. Luckily, our team had the perfect solution.

It is very common for water supply lines to enter the house (or simply be housed) in the crawl space of a home. However, this is no problem for our team of professional installers who have extensive experience in crawl space installs such as this one. In the after picture, notice how the system controller and whole home system fits appropriately and spaciously inside the crawl space area.

This happy Creedmoor family now enjoys their clean and affordable water supply every time they turn on their faucet. Having similar issue with hardness in your water? Contact our office today to get a complimentary water analysis and filtration system demonstration.

Rolesville, NC City Water System

In Rolesville, NC, Joseph L. recently reached out to us to have a free water test completed. One of our highly trained water technicians was more than happy to go out and ensure that their water was safe and not harming their home. Upon testing, our technician concluded that the water was high in levels of chlorine and hardness. These are exactly the type of issues solved by our whole home solution system.

Our team installed a city water system in the garage storage area, and Mr. L. was immediately happy with his now purified city water source. This homeowner was surprised to find out that although his water appeared to be clear to the naked eye, it actually had multiple problems that threatened both his home and family. Luckily, our city water whole home solution was more than capable of being a "fix all" for his water filtration needs.

Does your water appear to be clear but still have suspicious odors, bubbles, or floating particles? Contact us today to get a free water test and filtration system demonstration.

Durham, NC Well Water Install

In Durham, NC a local family recently contacted our office about having their suspicious well water supply tested. They complained of it leaving black and brown water stains in the sinks and showers although the water appeared to be clear. Upon analysis by our water technician, it was discovered that their water had alarming levels of dissolved solids, chlorine, iron, and hardness. They were eager to find a Carolina Fresh Water solution.

Our team of professional installers first examined the pre-existing unit that can be found in the before picture. Their old unit was malfunctioning and allowing for dangerous levels of contaminants to enter their water supply. In the after picture, you can see how our system takes up even less space than needed by the pre-existing system in addition to also functioning to higher standards.

This happy Durham family now enjoys their contaminant free water supply. Having a similar issue with an old system not functioning properly or just suspicious of your water supply in general? Contact our office today to get a complimentary water test and filtration system demonstration.

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