Overlooked Benefits of Drinking Water

Monday, September 17th, 2018 by Carolina Fresh Water

Kid Drinking Clean Water

It's no big secret that humans need to drink water - lots of it. Staying hydrated is a must, and it is an integral part of maintaining your health and wellness. But did you know that 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Often, people fail to drink enough water simply because they don't truly understand how important it is to them - or just how much they should drink.

How Much Is Enough?

So just how much should you drink? There's a lot of confusion about just how much water is enough. There is one key rule of thumb you can use to help, however - women should drink 90 ounces per day, which is 11 cups. Men should drink 16 cups every day, or 125 ounces.

But beyond just the general 'staying healthy' benefit, why is it that drinking water is so important?

Benefits That Are Often Overlooked

There are several benefits to drinking water that you may have overlooked. Taking a closer look at them can show you just why it's so vital that you keep your water intake high.

Weight Loss

Dehydration sends signals to your brain that are usually felt as hunger. Many times, drinking a glass of water is enough to stop that hunger. In the process, you'll reduce the amount of food that you eat and be able to lose weight more effectively.

Increased Brain Function

The brain is made of 73% water. Staying hydrated can help you be more focused, improve your memory, increase concentration, and more.

Better Digestion

Water can help the body digest food more effectively. This reduces constipation and also helps you feel better physically.

Improved Immunity

Drinking ample amounts of water can also help boost your immune system performance. This is because it helps increase oxygen flow to the body's cells while removing harmful toxins.

Reduced Muscle Pain

Dehydration can cause cramps, but when you are hydrated you're less likely to suffer from sprains and pulled muscles. Water acts as a natural lubricant and keeps your muscles more pliable.

Improves Heart Health

Drinking plenty of water can help keep your heart healthier. Studies have linked poor hydration to heart diseases.

Better Breath

Believe it or not, bad breath is directly linked to dehydration as well. If you drink plenty of water you can actually reduce levels of bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath.


When your body is working better, your mind works better. And when everything is working as it should, you end up feeling better. Simply put, staying hydrated can actually help you be in a better mood.

Getting Water You'll Love

For many, the simple fact is that getting good, pure, clean drinking water isn't always easy for them to do. Even here in America, 40% of our lakes are too polluted to be used safely. As such, your own water supply may be contaminated as well. The right filtration system can have a huge impact on this, however. If you're ready to transform your own water, we're here to help. Contact Carolina Fresh Water today to learn more about your water filtration options.

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