What is the Difference Between Bottled Water and Filtered Water?

Friday, August 3rd, 2018 by Carolina Fresh Water

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Many are under the misconception that bottled water and filtered water are one in the same. Bottled water and filtered water are not synonymous with each other, and there are some distinct benefits of opting for filter over bottled. While both types of water are typically “purified” in some way, one tends to be much costlier and harmful to the environment, while the other is less expensive, optimally clean, and lessens one’s carbon footprint.

Getting To The Bottom Of Filtered Water Versus Bottled Water

Good clean water can benefit the body in a number of different ways. Clean water helps to dissolve fat and fiber in the stomach to aid the digestive system, it improves the function of kidneys in filtering toxins out of the body, it can prevent headaches, lubricates cartilage in the joints for easier exercise, and may even reduce the risk of certain cancers among other things. With all of these benefits, it’s not difficult to see why clean water is such an in-demand resource throughout the United States.

Americans spend around $11 billion per year on average on bottled water. While bottled water does provide a clean water option, it’s easy to see how its also an expensive one. Experts counter that filtered water at home provides all of the same health benefits, but without the additional cost or waste that bottled water creates. To compare filtered water with bottled water, it pays to compare the two on a few different criteria:

Water cleanliness

Cleanliness is the single reason why many seek out bottled water over water from their tap. Bottled water companies will vary greatly on how they approach water filtration and cleanliness, with some methods being more effective than others. Home filtration systems, however, typically use granulated carbon filtration methods. In terms of cleanliness, filtration has one huge advantage with no risk of phthalate contamination, a chemical used to increase plastic flexibility.


On the surface, it’s easy to think that bottled water is the more convenient method. Looking deeper, however, filtered water truly has the advantage. With filtered water at home, one never runs out, never has to dispose of plastic bottle containers, and never has to spend more for a prepackaged option. With a reusable bottle, fresh clean water is always available.

Environmental impact

Through environmental impact, the benefits of filtered water over bottled water really shine. With water bottled in plastic, the environment is impacted twice in the creation of each bottle. Before the water is purchased, it is packaged in a created plastic container, plastic that is often not created using environmentally sustainable methods. After the water is finished, it will then need to be disposed of (and hopefully recycled) which impacts the environment yet again. Filtered water does not require the creation or disposal of these plastics, and may be made portable with reusable water bottles.

Clean Water The Healthy Way

Clean water is healthy water, and healthy water is good for your body, your budget, and the environment. Contact Carolina Freshwater today to find out firsthand how filtered water can improve your life starting today.

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