13 Scary Facts About Your Drinking Water

Friday, July 20th, 2018 by Carolina Fresh Water

Clean Water Drinking

According to the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service, 76% of Americans over the age of two drink plain water at some point during the day.

Two-thirds of the plain water consumption at home comes from the tap in Greensboro. This means that millions of Americans risk their health daily. Tap water can be particularly troublesome and detrimental to your health. Skeptical? Consider these 13 scary facts about your drinking water.

Contaminants Found In Your Tap Water

Much of the tap water in the United States contain contaminants that could be harmful in both the short-term and long-term. It’s also worth noting that bottled water is not necessarily any better than tap water. In fact, nearly 65% of bottled water comes from a municipal tap water supply. Plus, the markup is tremendous, as users pay as much as 2000x more.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to marketing claims that lead them to believe that bottled water is significantly safer and purer than tap water. So, the facts about contaminants in drinking water that you’ll find below are of importance for nearly all drinking water sources, no matter if it’s the tap or bottles in Greensboro.

  1. Drinking water contains fluoride. Fluoride is found in other sources, such as toothpaste. Toothpaste manufacturers warn that if you swallow a pea-sized amount, you should call poison control. An eight-ounce glass of drinking water contains a pea-sized amount of fluoride.
  2. More than three-quarters of the drinking water in the United States contains Chromium-6, a known carcinogen.
  3. Drinking water often contains a higher chlorine concentration than what’s found in a public swimming pool.
  4. Only one percent of the world’s water supply is drinkable.
  5. Many pipes in the United States, especially in older buildings, contain lead. Lead is the cause of numerous health problems, including learning disabilities.
  6. The Safe Water Drinking Act, enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency, regulates a mere 91 of the 60,000 chemicals used in the United States.
  7. More than 40 trillion gallons of drinking water comes from the ground, where it’s polluted with pesticides and other chemicals.
  8. A majority of the tap water in the US contains pharmaceutical remnants.
  9. The toxins in tap water build in your body over time.
  10. In the past decade, more than 60 million Americans have been exposed to poor tap water.

Other Facts About Drinking Water

  1. Approximately 75% of Americans live within ten miles of polluted water.
  2. Based on our current lifestyle, we’d need 3.5 planet Earth to sustain our global population.
  3. Commercial water filters, such as Pur and Brita, only mask your tap water so that it smells and tastes better.

Worried About Your Drinking Water in Greensboro

If you’re looking to drink clean water without the cost of purchasing expensive filtered bottled water, be sure to contact Carolina Fresh Water today. Carolina Fresh Water can work with you to install a water purification in your home, ensuring that you can drink water from the tap without jeopardizing your family’s health. Interested in learning more? Contact us today at 888-434-3060 to set up a water purification consultation and learn how we can help!

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