Why Should I Filter My Drinking Water?

Friday, July 13th, 2018 by Carolina Fresh Water

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Staying hydrated is one of the single most important things you can do for your body

While many simply believe that the water coming from their tap is safe for drinking, this isn't necessarily the truth. Protecting your family is a number one priority, and one big danger that could be lurking unseen in the household is the water coming from your faucet. Tainted drinking water sickens over 1 million people per year in the United States alone, and one thing that all these cases have in common is that they all firmly believed the water coming from the tap was perfectly safe to drink.

Drinking water filtration provides that necessary peace of mind. While many believe it's not something we need to think about in the United States, what could be lurking in your water can be quite surprising in Greensboro.

4 Benefits Of Drinking Water Filtration

Drinking filtered water holds a bevy of different benefits. Not only is it a step that can help to protect you from contracting water-borne illnesses, but it can make your water taste better and save you from additional toxins as well. 4 benefits of drinking water filtration are:

  • Get rid of the chlorine: When we think of chlorinated water, we're like to think of a swimming pool first, not the water in our drinking glass. However, tap water is treated with some chlorine before it gets into your pipes, and water filtration can help to get it out before you consume it.
  • Lead elimination: Particularly in older homes or homes in older cities, lead can be a big water contamination issue in Greensboro. This is caused by the corrosion of older pipes, allowing lead to seep into the water before it comes out from the tap, like what is occurring now with the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Water filters help to remove lead and the dangers of consuming it even in trace quantities.
  • Carbon footprint reduction: Drinking bottled water is a great alternative to ensure you have clean and safe drinking water, but it's not very environmentally friendly or cost effective. Water filtration allows you the same quality of water without the carbon footprint issue of plastic bottles or water transportation.
  • Days of feeling better: Contaminated drinking water can make you sick but drinking water wards off sickness. When your drinking water is contaminated, or potentially contaminated, this creates a difficult catch-22 situation. By drinking filtered water, you can help to give your body an immune system boost with plenty of cool clean water, but you don't need to worry about that water causing gastrointestinal distress.

Drinking Water Filtration For Everyday

Water is a basic need, and more specifically, clean water is a basic need. Water filtration allows you to have clean drinking water always, as well as the peace of mind that comes with it. If you're curious about the many additional benefits of filtered drinking water contact Carolina Freshwater in Greensboro today.

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