Why You Should Drink Filtered Water

Friday, June 22nd, 2018 by Carolina Fresh Water

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While the idea of tap water is amazing, the reality often leaves something to be desired. Cities put water through several filters and use chlorine to sanitize it, but these filters don’t always catch dangerous chemicals that can make their way into a water supply. That’s why many people choose to filter their water, adding one more step to the purifying process to get rid of any harmful chemicals the city may have missed. In fact, filtered water offers several benefits over water straight from the tap.

Here are five benefits of filtered water:

  1. Healthy: Filtered water is healthier because the filters can remove harmful chemicals like chlorine disinfection by-products (DBP). Large concentrations of DBPs have been linked to certain cancers, and water filters get rid of even small concentrations to make water healthier to drink.
  2. Better Taste: It can be subjective, but for many people, filtered water tastes better than when it comes from the tap thanks to the change in trace minerals that happens during the filtering process.
  3. Money Saving: Filtered water is cheaper when you take it as an alternative to bottled water. You need to pay for the filtration or purification system and replace the filters now and then, but that’s nothing next to the cost of buying bottled water.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Filtered water is also an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water since you don’t end up with any bottles that need disposing of.
  5. Accessible: Filtered water is as convenient as tap water or more so depending on which filters and water treatment systems you get.

High-Quality Water

Filtered water has many benefits over tap water and bottled water, so it’s worth your time to see how you can get some in your life with Carolina Fresh Water. Have a look at what we offer, because we may just have the solution that’s perfect for you.

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