Wake County Well Water Contamination

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 by Spencer Snyder

Nearby Wake County, NC is home to not only the state's capital, but one of our biggest service areas as well. Unfortunately, as of last month (June 25) over 19,000 citizens of this beloved NC county received notification from county officials that their water may be highly contaminated. This notification came after several private wells in the surrounding area were tested. According to estimates, an alarming one in five wells across the widely populated county have been affected by this contamination. This puts thousands of Wake County households in danger.

The contamination is said to stem from an expansive area of 200-million-year-old underground granite that comes into contact with water flowing to these multiple well water supplies. There have even been reports of 2 Wake County residents who fell ill and also had contaminants found in their private well water supply. 

If you are a Wake County resident and don't pay for your home water supply, then you most likely have a private well, putting your home and family at risk. With county officials urging private well owners to get their water tested, nearby labs are being overwhelmed with testing samples, leaving numerous residents in the dark waiting for long periods of time to know their results.

Luckily, Wake County is right in the heart of our service area and our local team of professional water technicians are on standby waiting to test your water for hardness, proper PH levels, iron, and an array of other contaminants and foreign matter. If you suspect you are at risk of having contaminated water in this area, contact our office today.

Our team is offering complimentary water tests to those in the affected areas. Visit the link below for more information.


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