NC Residents Unaware of Possible Contaminants

Monday, August 12th, 2019 by Kristi Beeler

Water is one of the most essential ingredients for a healthy, everyday life. With this being said, most parents would agree ensuring the safety of their children's water supply is of the highest importance. Unfortunately, this issue has been at the forefront of the minds of concerned local Cumberland County School System parents as drinking fountains at several schools within the district were shut off and water bottle distribution plans were set into motion. Speaking on the incident, a spokesperson for the school board, Mrs. Whitley, stated, "“The safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” Whitley said in an email. “We continue to offer bottled water to provide peace of mind to our students and staff at Gray’s Creek Elementary School.” 

Local officials have been conducting test of local water supplies to determine both the true extent and origin of the contamination. One water supply in particular that is being assessed is the Cape Fear River where it is believed that the source of the water contamination is a local chemical plant. Additionally, officials are investigating whether the Haw River (which flows upstream from the Cape Fear River) is also being contaminated. 

Of course local public water supplies will be treated with chlorine and other chemicals in attempt to clean out these harmful contaminants (called PFAS) but is that enough to correct the issue? Unfortunately not, because when chemicals such as chlorine are used to cleanse the contaminants (PFAS) the byproduct produced is what scientist refer to as "probable carcinogens". Sadly, many local residents are completely unaware of the danger of these contaminants and how they can even be present during times when the local water supplies (both the Haw and Cape Fear River) are experiencing "high rates of flow". The Pittsboro County Mayor even estimated in March that only about 200 of the towns 10,000 local water customers are likely aware of the contamination issue in the drinking water supply. 

“There is a fine line between frightening our citizens and producing what kind of disclosure needs to be made,” said the Pittsboro County Mayor. “We don’t want to frighten anybody, but we need much more definitive evidence and testing and opportunities for solving the problem.”

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