Spring Hope, Bailey, and Middlesex Water Supplies Under Scrutiny

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 by Kristi Beeler

The NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources is a governmental organization that is responsible for conducting yearly assessments of drinking water supplies across the state. Their work ensures that residents across the state not only have access to clean water supplies but are also aware of the level of susceptibility to contamination their water source faces. One recent area that has been under their scrutiny are the towns of Spring Hope, Bailey, Middlesex where local wells were recently assessed for possible contamination. While testing thresholds for contaminants were rather low (as to ensure extremely high water quality) contaminants found in by the analysis included; fluoride, copper, and dichloroethylene. 

“Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants." stated a report from the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Even with this being said, the NCDENR labeled many of the wells supplying homes in Spring Hope, Bailey, and Middlesex is at a "high" risk for contamination. This means water supplies with this label are much more susceptible to get contaminated by the chemicals present in the area (listed above). The cause of this contamination? Some occur naturally in well water supplies passing by mineral deposits that break down into the water flowing to the well. Other contamination occurs when "consumer" contaminants (such as oils, fats, cleaning supplies, etc.) are irresponsibly dumped into the environment. Both types are extremely detrimental to the safety of local water supplies.

With all things considered, the NCDENR labeled the wells in question in the Bailey, Spring Hope, and Middlesex areas as "high" risk for contamination, but no violations were issued. However conclusive, this unsettling verdict likely rests heavy on the minds of local homeowners who would like to take control of the cleanliness of their water supply into their own hands.

Are you one of those concerned citizens in this affected area? Contact our office today to get a complimentary water test and filtration system demonstration.


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