Carolina Fresh Water Q&A

How do I know if I need a system?

At Carolina Fresh Water, we offer a complimentary water test and filtration system demonstration where one of our highly trained water technicians come out to your home to evaluate your water supply. This includes testing water for various types of foreign contaminants that can potentially damage your home. If you are suspicious, unsure, or have never had your well or city water source tested, call us to schedule a complimentary water test.

How does the system stay clean?

All of our systems come complete with a "system monitor" attached to the top of the unit which monitors holistic system function and maintenance. This includes performing regular tank self-cleaning which is accomplished via salt from an accompanying "brine tank". As necessary, the tank fills with salt water and washes out the filtered contaminants that build up in the tank filter over time. Maintaining system longevity and health is as easy as refilling the brine tank with salt whenever our customer care team gives you a call.

How long is the water test and demonstration?

Local homeowners are encouraged to send in water samples to our Greensboro office for testing or have one of our technicians come out to perform a test on site. After analysis, our highly trained technicians give the homeowner a detailed demonstration of the extensive benefits and affordability of soft water and offer solution options. The entire in home analysis and demonstration takes roughly an hour and our team will work with whatever scheduling issues that may arise.

How much is the water test and filtration system demonstration?

All water test's preformed by our highly trained water technicians are totally fully compensated by us and come at no charge to the homeowner. Simply send in a sample of your water for evaluation at our facility or have a water technician perform a test on site at your home. Our technicians are service minded and will only offer filtration solutions if necessary.

I have well water. I don't need it tested because it's natural and therefore safe, correct?

Wrong. It is a common myth that well water is "naturally" cleaner than other sources of water because it is sourced from nature. However, we often forget that nature includes the human footprint meaning that flowing toward your "natural" well water source is also your neighbors harsh car wash cleaning chemicals, outdated-disposed of prescription pills, and various other chemical contaminants that natural aquifers are simply incapable of filtering. Our whole home well water systems are specifically designed for well water supplied households which ensures the health and wealth of your family for years to come.

What are financing options?

We offer a wide range of financing options to ensure that regardless of your financial situation or history, our partners can offer affordable loan options. We work with our customers to make certain they are happy with their financing options.

What do Carolina Fresh Water technicians test for?

Our highly experienced technicians go through rigorous training to ensure they can educate family's on the harmful substances often found in their city or well water supply. Depending on the location and type of water source being tested, they often test for hardness and dissolved particles (sediment), acidity, iron, and chlorine. These are contaminants that have been proven to clog plumbing over time and lead to appliance inefficiency, costing your family a fortune.

What if I don't have enough room for the system?

Regardless of the size of free space in your garage, extra storage area, or crawl space under the home, our team of professional water technicians and installers are sure to find an appropriate installation area for the whole home system, even if this means installing the system in an auxiliary outdoor storage shed.

What if my water supply is tested the analysis is good?

If our highly trained water technicians come out to your home and their analysis shows no signs of any problem, you will still get a complimentary overall water health and filtration system demonstration for your education.

What is "hard water"?

Hard water and soft water are two different ways to describe the levels of dissolved sediment and foreign particles in a water supply. Hard water is almost exactly what it sounds like, a water source that is littered with "hard" particles or contaminants (such as sediments). Over time, these particles build up in your home plumbing and body causing both money and health problems, respectively. Our systems are designed to treat "hard water" so that Carolina Fresh Water family's can enjoy safe and affordable "soft water".

What should I expect from the free water test and filtration system demonstration?

When you schedule a complimentary water test and filtration system demonstration one of our highly trained water technicians will come out to your home and test your water for hardness and foreign contaminants. After the analysis is done, our technician will give the homeowners an in-depth run down of what "hard" water means and why it needs to be corrected to ensure the safety of the home and residents. This demonstration is detailed and thorough to make certain that the homeowners understand the harm that hard water can do to their home and why it is healthier and a better move financially to get a Carolina Fresh Water whole home solution.

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