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I just bought a water system from Carolina Fresh Water and we are absolutely thrilled with what we have. It's...
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I just bought a water system from Carolina Fresh Water and so far, our skin is softer the water is clear, and taste better thank you.
Testimonial by Mrs. A. from Burlington, NC

Keep your home safe and healthy with professional water testing and treatment in Burlington, NC

If you want clean water for your home then you might be disappointed by tap water which is often of very inconsistent quality. Even in the U.S. tap water can be unsafe, especially with long term exposure. However, bottled water is not much better and also contains a wide range of contaminants.

The best way to make sure you have clean, soft water is with a professionally installed water treatment system. The experts at Carolina Fresh Water can provide just that. Contact us today and schedule your free water test in Burlington, NC or nearby!

Keep your Burlington, NC home healthy with clean water

Many are aware that tap water is often unsafe but don’t realize that bottled water is not a safe alternative. While there is a one in four chance your tap water is unsafe or unmonitored according to a recent study, a single bottle of water can actually contain close to 25,000 chemicals. Some of these chemicals can be very dangerous with long-term exposure leading to effects like:

  • Stunted growth
  • Early puberty
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

While some homeowners attempt to counter this problem with store bought filters, such filters are rarely very effective and do nothing for bath or shower water. Our experts at Carolina Fresh Water can provide the professional water treatment or filtration system you need instead. When you schedule a free water test we’ll analyze the results and suggest the system that’s the best fit for your needs.

Save on your bills with professional water treatment 

Water treatment can also help you save money in the long term. Hard water can cause dishwashers, water heaters, and other water focused appliances to lose between 30% and 50% of their lifespan if you have hard water.

Water heaters are hurt by hard water in other ways too. Hard water lowers the efficiency of water heaters, almost halfing it, and forcing the water heater to work harder for the same result. Treating hard water can greatly lower some of your energy expenditures.

Our water treatment solutions:

  • City Water System
  • Well Water System
  • Drinking Water System
  • Iron & Sulfur System
  • Acid Neutralizer System

Are you concerned you might have problems with your water or simply want a free water test to make sure? The water experts at Carolina Fresh Water are here to help. Schedule your free water test today!

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Soft Water Cleans What Hard Water Can't in Burlington, NC

In Burlington, NC one local family invited our water technician Mark into their home to evaluate their water. As Mark was making his way through the detailed testing demonstration, he began to explain to the concerned family that the hardness found in their water supply could actually be effecting their home in ways other then being bad for their health. Mark explained that hard water was actually structurally incapable of cleaning household items (dishes, laundry, couches, rugs, etc.) to its fullest potential. This is because "hard water" (water with a high TDS rating) bonds with tiny particles of sediment and other foreign matters, preventing the basic chemical makeup of water (hydrogen and oxygen elements) from bonding with and thus cleansing dirt and grime in household furnishings such as upholstery or couches.


Thats when it hit them. Butters, the family dog, had been experincing some health issues as of late. He recently had an operation to correct an issue with his back and had to have stitches to close the wound. These stitches would often irratate him and when he would scratch it, it would leave stains on the brand new tan family couch. The stains were so bad a stain specialist was scheduled to come out the following day; well at least until Mark arrived on the scene.

That's when Carolina Fresh Water Technician Mark opened their eyes to the cleaning power of soft water. After examining the stains, Mark informed the family that not only was he going to clean their water, but he would also save their beloved family couch as well. A quick 8 minute soaking, blotting, and drying of the effected areas later, and the couch looked brand new. The whole family (even Butters) watched in disbelief as they couldnt believe what they had seen. They immediately cancelled the appointment with the stain specialist. After getting their Carolina Fresh Water whole home system installed, this local Burlington family no longer has to worry about buying cleaning supplies that wont fully get the job done as their new soft water supply has all the chemicals needed, hydrogen and oxygen. 


Do you or someone you know have simmilar issues with hard water and stubborn stains plaguing your household? Call Carolina Fresh Water today for a free water test and filtration system demonstration.


Get a filter or be the filter; Carolina Fresh Water.

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My family and I move states every few years and I always have the water tested to see what concerns might be found.