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Monroe, NC Well Water System Install

Monroe, NC Well Water System Install

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Monroe, NC Well Water System Install Monroe, NC Well Water System Install

In Monroe, NC a local family recently reached out to our office in reference to getting their well water source tested. Upon analysis by one of our highly trained technicians, it was discovered that the water source had high levels of iron and hardness. Luckily, our team offers the perfect whole home solution for all water treatment needs. 

As seen in the before photo this family had an old and dilapidated system that was no longer protecting them from harmful contaminants. In the after photo, the professional installation methods of our team are demonstrated as the new system is ready to filter their well water supply giving them peace of mind. This happy Monroe family now enjoys clean and affordable Carolina Fresh Water straight from their home faucet.

Have a similar issue with your water supply? Contact our office today to get a complimentary water test and filtration system demonstration.

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Why might you need water treatment in Monroe, NC?

Most Americans realize that clean water is a necessity, but not everyone knows that bottled and tap water are not nearly as reliable as they might seem. In fact, a single bottle of water could contain over 24,000 contaminants and tap water can be similarly infected.

Hard water could also be costing you a large amount of money over time. Appliances such as dishwashers and water heaters have their average lifespan cut between 30-50% when using hard water. Water heaters using hard water are also less efficient which generally raises water bills significantly.

The only reliable way to deal with water problems like these is to have a water treatment system installed by a professional contractor. Carolina Fresh Water is just the contractor you need. Our expert technicians can provide you with a free water test, identify any problems in your water, and suggest the most effective solution to keep your Monroe water safe. Schedule your free water test today!

Our water treatment systems

There are a wide range of possible issues that could be affecting your home. That’s why we offer an equally wide range of water treatment and filtration solutions for every home. Some of our systems include:

  • City Water System
  • Well Water System
  • Drinking Water System
  • Iron & Sulfur System
  • Acid Neutralizer System

If you think you have a problem with city water, well water, iron & sulfur in your water, or anything else, don’t wait to fix your problem. Schedule your free water test today so our experts can help you identify the problem and find the ideal solution!

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