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Carolina Fresh Water - City water filter

City water can be notorious for a variety of water problems. Luckily we have the perfect solution for all your city water treatment needs. Our Carolina Fresh Water PRCP unit utilizes dual-chamber technology to combine the power of both resin and carbon in one tank. The high-performance configuration filters and softens your water in a single unit.

The PRCP not only reduces water hardness, but also handles common taste and odor problems, such as chlorine, associated with city water. The advanced, patented technology equipped in the controller also keeps your system running at maximum efficiency.

The system is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, improving taste and eliminating unwanted odors. The result is more brilliant water through better science, which saves you time and money.

Every component, feature, and innovation of Carolina Fresh Water conditioners has been designed to bring the highest quality, most efficient water to you and your family. The units are certified compliant to NSF/ANSI 61 standards.

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Carolina Fresh Water Series in NC

Hard water carries additional minerals such as calcium and magnesium which will negatively affect areas throughout your home. Some of the benefits of our products include:

  • Less mineral build-up in plumbing
  • Increased life and efficiency of water-using appliances
  • Smoother and more moisturized skin and hair
  • Softer, brighter, and longer lasting towels and clothing
  • Fewer detergents and cleaners needed
  • Reduced soap scum in showers, bathtubs, and sinks
  • Cleaner dishes and glassware

The Carolina Fresh Advantage

The Carolina Fresh Advantage
  1. Patented technology is smarter
    • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
    • Exclusive features ensure consistent water quality
    • Vacation mode to prevent unnecessary regeneration
    • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
    • Battery back-up
  2. Patented chlorine generator
    • Ability to self-chlorinate
    • Monitors every cleaning
  3. Activated carbon
    • Filters unwanted tastes and odor
    • Reduces chlorine from municipal water
  4. High-performance resin
    • Powerful and durable media
    • Reduces the minerals that cause hard water
    • Undergoes rigorous quality control testing
  5. Low maintenance brine tank
    • Built-in safety float
    • Heavy-duty, corrosion-free material
    • Fills with soft water which reduces cleaning
    • Dy salt storage

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