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Carolina Fresh Water's filtration products are designed to remove rust stains, odor, and foul taste commonly associated with problem well water. Our filters use a unique air-induction process that oxidizes dissolved iron, manganese, or sulfur into solid particles. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of the filtration process.

Carolina Fresh Water - Iron & Sulfur System

Iron Filter: The perfect solution for preventing dark or rust colored staining on your fixtures from iron and manganese.

Sulfur Filter: Uses a high-performance catalytic media to eliminate foul rotten egg smells caused by hydrogen sulfide.

  • Environmentally safe - no chemicals
  • "Inchworm" - patented air release technology
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • Extremely low-cost operation
  • Includes battery backup


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The Carolina Fresh Advantage

Every component, feature, and innovation of our air-charged filters have been designed to efficiently reduce rust stains, odor, and foul taste commonly associated with problem well water. Carolina Fresh Water units can bring quality water to your whole home with little to no effort.

The Carolina Fresh Advantage
  1. Exclusive Technology
    • Exclusive "Inchworm" air release for smooth, quiet operation
    • Advanced programming conserves water and maintains well performance
    • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance
    • Battery back-up
  2. Air Chamber
    • Unit draws in air to oxidize contaminants
    • Creates particles for easy filtering
  3. High-Performance Media
    • Specialized media targets and collects the particles
    • Reduces issues with staining and foul odors
  4. Quartz Underbedding
    • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
    • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process


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