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High-quality water is an essential part of everyday life. And whether your water is supplied by the city or a private well, your water problems might include:

  • Iron causing rust stains and build-up
  • Hardness creating deposits and scale
  • Acidic water leaving blue and green stains and corrosion damage
  • Foul odor and taste from various minerals and chlorine

Carolina Fresh Water conditioners combine exclusive Crystal-Right media with a self-monitoring, deep cleaning system. The revolutionary media acts as an exceptional filter removing hardness, iron, and manganese, while raising the pH of acidic water at the same time. When combined with an exclusive chlorine generator, the chlorine reduces nuisance bacteria with each regeneration, reducing slime and unpleasant tastes or odors.

The system controller records your water usage and adjusts its cycles accordingly, performing at maximum efficiency. All of these features provide the brilliant water only science could produce.

Every component, feature, and innovation of Carolina Fresh Water conditioners have been designed to bring the highest quality, most efficient water to you and your family. The units are certified compliant to NSF/ANSI 61 standards.

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The Carolina Fresh Advantage

The Carolina Fresh Advantage
  1. Patented technology is smarter.
    • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary
    • Exclusive features ensure consistent water quality
    • Vacation Mode for your convenience, money-savings
    • System notifications
    • Only one moving part for easy maintenance
    • Battery back-up
    • Monitored and recorded water usage history
  2. Patented integrated chlorine generator.
    • Self-chlorinates
    • Low/No Salt alters
    • Monitors every cleaning
  3. Exclusive Crystal-Right media.

    Effectively filters problem minerals, such as iron, manganese, and ammonia, while correcting acidic water conditions. It also has a high tolerance to the chlorine used to keep your system clean. Crystal-Right media does all of this while efficiently softening your water.

    • Silca-based crystal media
    • Tough enough to deliver the highest quality water
    • Rigorous quality control process for testing the media
    • Unique shape designed for superior filtration
  4. Low-maintenance brine tank
    • Built-in safety float
    • Heavyweight, corrosion-free material
    • Dry salt storage
    • Less cleaning
  5. Quartz underbedding
    • Delivers high and consistent flow rates
    • Provides accurate and efficient cleaning process

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